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Embark on an adventure by playing PlayGem Social Backgammon on the brilliant backgammon board, Treasure Island! Backed with a blood-red background and red and white points, Treasure Island is a game board that will allow you to feel as though you're playing backgammon on the deck of a ship in search of treasure. The playing pieces of the theme are very nicely designed as well, with each featuring an iconic medieval age symbol. Las Vegas 9.8 Las Vegas Betting Backgammon Competitive With a nice, contrasting blend of white, black and green, Las Vegas showcases the iconic backgammon board theme that backgammon enthusiasts who loves gambling-based games would be more than familiar with. This board was the first board released by PlayGem when PlayGem Backgammon came out 4 years ago. Sun & Sea 9.8 Sun & Sea Betting Backgammon Competitive Don't have time to visit the beach and chill? Well, you can enjoy a game that you know and love - backgammon, I meant, backgammon - with this amazingly designed board in PlayGem Backgammon, called Sun & Sea. With a sandy beaches-inspired color palette and uniquely crafted playing pieces, Sun & Sea is the type of board that will give you the relaxation that you sorely need. Dark Angel 9.5 Dark Angel Betting Backgammon Competitive Unleash the Goth side within you with this amazingly designed backgammon board, Dark Angel. The board has a red-violet background peppered with cool-looking "Hot Wheels"-like flames. The backgammon pieces are also beautifully designed, particularly the nice contrast effect the skull has on the black backgammon pieces. Samurai Blade 6.5 Samurai Blade Betting Backgammon Competitive Follow the path of the samurai by playing PlayGem Social Backgammon on this Japanese-themed backgammon board called, Samurai Blade. The board features some really bold colors - red and blue, while the white background does help to bring out the colors even more. The patterns on both the red and blue backgammon pieces are simply beautiful too. Pink Dreams 10 Pink Dreams Betting Backgammon Competitive If you love everything pink, you might want to check out this simplistic yet amazing board theme on PlayGem Social Backgammon, dubbed as Pink Dreams. With varying shades of purplish-pink, the board uses a simple and non-cluttered design to attract the attention of backgammon players who love those kind of designs. Even the backgammon pieces used here look plain enough. Royal Sands 9 Royal Sands Betting Backgammon Competitive Take a virtual trip to the desert by playing PlayGem Social Backgammon on its desert-themed board, Royal Sands. The board uses the simple colors of white and black, but its gold-rims do lend it that "royalty" look. The backgammon pieces look like they have been intricately and lovingly designed as well. PlayGem Social Backgammon 9.9 PlayGem Social Backgammon Turn Based Betting Backgammon Competitive Pick one of the 7 brilliantly designed Backgammon boards and head into a game

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